Pre-FAWMage #1

In the process of setting up for FAWM, I finished a song that’s been kicking around in my head for a couple of weeks. It also seemed like a pretty good time to test recording equipment that I’ve never used, lest I crumple in tears on February 1 at not being able to record anything.

So here’s my first song of 2012, from the unrealized album “Early, Often, and Often Uninvited”:

Do Me a Kindness


Do me a kindness, bring all your pillows
Let’s make a fort on the living room floor
The past is behind us and ever before us
And soon it will be time to go

Do me a kindness, write me a letter
List all the names that I’ve used until now
I’ve been so lonesome since you moved to the valley
More lonesome than you’ll ever know

Right before it all came down
Do you recall? Do you recall?
Right before it all came down
The promise I made is still here after all

Do me a kindness, sing from the valley
Maybe the branches will calm for an hour
I’ll lay my head on this fortress of pillows
And dream that you’re with me again

3 thoughts on “Pre-FAWMage #1

  1. Great song. Wow. Love the childhood images of building a fort on the living room floor. The return to that image at the end of the song is a nice touch too.

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