Five Years of Confirmed Fears: Selected Songs 2004-2009

“Five Years of Confirmed Fears” is a chronological, unscientific, and badly biased look at a half-decade of home recording successes and failures. Listen to or download the songs individually below, or download the whole shebang as a zip file here.

I Need to Change My Strategy
Crime Postures
Love in Space (Pts. I and II)
Barker Way
Southern Mercy Point
Black Shoes
Waiting for E.L.O.
Everybody Needs an Idea Guy
Tapes on Book
The Blackness
Georgie, You’ve Been Had
Patsy Tipton
Flowchart Symphony
The Twins and the Baby
I’ve Never Been Less Convinced of My Own Greatness
Edward H. Barnaby
A Better Year
Out of Phase