Pre-FAWMage #1

In the process of setting up for FAWM, I finished a song that’s been kicking around in my head for a couple of weeks. It also seemed like a pretty good time to test recording equipment that I’ve never used, lest I crumple in tears on February 1 at not being able to record anything.

So here’s my first song of 2012, from the unrealized album “Early, Often, and Often Uninvited”:

Do Me a Kindness

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FAWM is almost here!

The holidays are nice and everything, but each year February becomes my favorite month a little bit more. Why? Because February is the month to write 14 songs with my friends at!

February Album Writing Month challenges participants to write a bunch of songs in an impossibly short period of time. You should too! Never written a song before? Many would-be songwriters have broken their dry spells with the support of FAWM’s great community. 

So go for it. Sign up with this month, and make a song. The world can never have too many.

UYLF Compilation and “Five Years of Confirmed Fears”

Today, I’m really speechless and pleased to have been included in the inaugural compilation of Up Your Legs Forever, a new Netlabel run by mad Canadian genius, Isaac Quatorze. The compilation is beyond amazing, includes a number of artists that I admire greatly, and it’s utterly free. Go get it, quickly!

In the spirit of UYLF, I also decided to make an Autoclamp compilation of sorts. With over 150 songs on this site, it’s become a challenge to sort through the growing Autoclamp song collection. I picked my sentimental favorites, and you can check it out here: Five Years of Confirmed Fears: Selected Songs 2004-2009.

Thanks for checking in!